Many today can boast of their favorite fluffy pets — cats. The beau­ty and grace of a cat caus­es unde­ni­able delight and ten­der­ness. Regard­less of whether the favorite pet is pure­bred or out­bred, we love them regard­less. When it comes to exot­ic breeds, how many have you come across? If this list is small, then let’s get acquaint­ed with 10 types of exot­ic cats right now.

unusual cat breeds

10. Sphinx.

The Sph­ynx is prob­a­bly the most famous fan­cy cat breed. Depend­ing on pref­er­ence, some­one admires this breed and dreams of such a cute kit­ten, while some­one is cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly dis­gust­ed with this crea­ture. How­ev­er, the unique­ness of this breed is impres­sive.

9. Ukrain­ian Lev­koy.

The Ukrain­ian Lev­koy is very sim­i­lar to the Sph­ynx, but a sig­nif­i­cant and vis­i­ble dif­fer­ence is deter­mined by the rolled up ears and large but nar­row eyes. Lev­koy may be hair­less, or may have a lit­tle hair­line.

8. Cor­nish Rex.

The pecu­liar­i­ty of this cat lies in the non-stan­dard hair­line of a wavy shape. Unlike oth­er cats, the Cor­nish Rex lacks two out­er lay­ers of hair, known as axi­al hair.

7. Scot­tish fold.

This cat can­not boast of big ears to us. Some­times it seems that the ears are absent alto­geth­er. In fact, the sit­u­a­tion is as fol­lows: the car­ti­lage in the ears of cats of this breed is deformed so much that the ear is bent and seems incred­i­bly tiny.

6. Exot­ic Short­hair.

In many ways, this kit­ten, named Fig New­ton, resem­bles the Per­sian breed, but the dif­fer­ence lies in the short, dense fur. Exot­ic Short­hairs have round heads with flat­tened faces and small ears. Like their heads, their bod­ies are also round­ed, mak­ing them look like ted­dy bears.

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5. Munchkin.

This is a very noto­ri­ous breed. Many cat depart­ments still refuse to reg­is­ter this cat breed. A cat with small legs, resem­bling a dachs­hund, did not appeal to the pub­lic.

4. Peters­burg Sphinx.

The Peters­burg Sph­ynx is not always a bald breed. These cats are known for their long, thin bod­ies, large ears, and almond-shaped eyes. In addi­tion, the main fea­ture of this breed are webbed feet.

3. Savan­nah cat.

Hav­ing such exot­ic stripes, it seems that this cat belongs to the wild and not to the envi­ron­ment of human life. In fact, the Savan­nah cat is a hybrid of a domes­tic cat and an African wild cat known as the Ser­val.


The bizarre fur of this cat con­sists of long curls, ringlets and even straight hair. Many rep­re­sen­ta­tives of this breed are born bald and only with grow­ing up acquire such char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­tures.

1. Elf Cat.

This breed was bred by the Amer­i­cans: Karen Nel­son and Kris­ten Lidom.

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