Almost all coins that are cur­rent­ly con­sid­ered the most valu­able accord­ing to the results of auc­tions over the past few decades have their own his­to­ry, in direct pro­por­tion to which the price of a coin is. The most expen­sive coin in the world at the moment is the first Amer­i­can sil­ver dol­lar of 1794, the so-called Lib­er­ty with Loose Hair Dol­lar or sim­ply the Loose Hair Dol­lar.

most expensive coin

The first US sil­ver dol­lar was mint­ed from 1794 to 1804, but the orig­i­nal form of the coin — the one that most recent­ly sold for a record $7,850,000, tak­ing right­ful first place in the list of the Most Expen­sive Coins in the World, was mint­ed at the Philadel­phia Mint only from 1794 to 1795. Over the years, a lit­tle over 162,000 coins were issued, 160,295 of which were in 1795.

Obverse and Reverse

In 1794, only 2,000 coins were mint­ed, 242 of which were imme­di­ate­ly melt­ed back into sil­ver due to the ter­ri­ble qual­i­ty of the coinage, and the remain­ing 1758 were pre­sent­ed to mem­bers of Con­gress, the Sen­ate and oth­er offi­cials and high-rank­ing per­sons. Only about 200 of these coins have sur­vived to our time, and it was one of them that recent­ly became the most expen­sive coin in the world.

most expensive coin

The obverse and reverse of the first sil­ver dol­lar was engraved by Robert Scott. On the obverse of the coin, he depict­ed the head of a woman with flow­ing hair, sym­bol­iz­ing Free­dom, which is clear­ly indi­cat­ed by the inscrip­tion LIBERTY above her head. On either side of Lib­er­ty there are 15 six-point­ed stars (8 on the left and 7 on the right) — that is how many states were part of the Unit­ed States at the time the coin was issued.

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Obverse 1795Reverse 1795

The num­ber of stars changed when the 16th state of Ten­nessee was added to the US. The rest of the coins were mint­ed until the full devel­op­ment of the stamps, after which the sil­ver dol­lar began to be mint­ed with 13 stars — that is how many of the orig­i­nal states were at the time of the found­ing of the Unit­ed States.

Obverse 1798

The reverse of the most expen­sive coin in the world is dec­o­rat­ed with a bald eagle sur­round­ed by olive branch­es, which, in turn, are framed by the inscrip­tion UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. On the edge of the coin its denom­i­na­tion is indi­cat­ed: HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT.

bald eagle

For com­par­i­son, here are a cou­ple more sil­ver dol­lars issued in 1797 and 1803 — you can eas­i­ly see how much the reverse of the coin changed at the begin­ning of the 19th cen­tu­ry:

Silver dollar 1797Obverse 1803Reverse 1803

By the way, one of the 15 dol­lar coins with the image of Lib­er­ty with flow­ing hair, issued in a lim­it­ed edi­tion in 1804, was sold in 2008 for $ 3,725,000, so the 1794 coin is not the first appli­ca­tion for the list of the most valu­able coins of his­to­ry fol­low­ing auc­tions. recent years.

Obverse 1804Reverse 1804