Wan­da Met­ro­pol­i­tano is Spain’s newest foot­ball sta­di­um built in 2017 as the home ground of Atléti­co Madrid. The peo­ple con­tin­ue to call this sta­di­um by its for­mer name La Peine­ta.

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Spain’s archi­tec­tur­al mar­vel, the ‘Wan­da Met­ro­pol­i­tano’ is approach­ing its final stages of com­ple­tion just in time for the start of the 2017–2018 La Liga foot­ball sea­son. The new sta­di­um will be the home ground of Atléti­co Madrid, which has played all of its home match­es in alter­nate are­nas while wait­ing for the sta­di­um to be com­plet­ed.

The sta­di­um was designed by a team of archi­tects from Cruz Y Oritz and will be able to seat more than 67,000 spec­ta­tors. The sta­di­um has a pro­tec­tive roof and canopy, as well as a 360-degree LED score­board around the entire field. The grand­stand lay­out offers increased seat­ing dis­tance com­pared to most oth­er sta­di­ums, offer­ing guests opti­mal com­fort while watch­ing the game. In addi­tion to its inte­ri­or, Vande Met­ro­pol­i­tano pro­vides 4,000 park­ing spaces as well as a VIP suite that can accom­mo­date 80 peo­ple.

The VIP lounge at Wan­da Met­ro­pol­i­tano will be on par with the best in the world. Com­fort­able seat­ing, qual­i­ty of ser­vice, access through ded­i­cat­ed ele­va­tors and park­ing pro­vide a whole new expe­ri­ence of watch­ing a live sports match. Now you can com­fort­ably watch foot­ball not only at the Real Madrid San­ti­a­go Bern­abeu sta­di­um, but also at anoth­er are­na.

Every detail of the sta­di­um is designed to meet the high­est stan­dards of com­fort, safe­ty and vis­i­bil­i­ty. The new sta­di­um was opened this sum­mer and is ready to host not only Atléti­co Madrid match­es, but also the finals of nation­al and Euro­pean com­pe­ti­tions. The new sta­di­um is locat­ed in one of the most impor­tant grow­ing areas of Madrid, in the north-east of the city next to the M‑40 near the air­port. More than 88,000 square meters of the com­plex are ready to serve Atléti­co fans right now.

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