To deter­mine the rich­est coun­tries in the world, Forbes mag­a­zine esti­mat­ed the GDP per capi­ta and the pur­chas­ing pow­er of peo­ple in 182 coun­tries. IMF data from 2010 were used.

richest countries

In order to make com­par­isons between dif­fer­ent coun­tries, a spe­cial coef­fi­cient is used that takes into account the stan­dard of liv­ing and the per­cent­age of infla­tion. The rich­est on this list is a small state locat­ed in the Per­sian Gulf, Qatar. This state got rich due to oil and gas. It is curi­ous that most of the peo­ple of this state are not so rich!

10. The Nether­lands. $40,973

richest countries

9. Switzer­land $41,950

8. Hong Kong, $45,944

7. USA, $46,860

6. Unit­ed Arab Emi­rates, $47,439

5. Brunei, $48,333

4. Nor­way, $51,959

3. Sin­ga­pore, $56,694

2. Lux­em­bourg, $81,466

1. Qatar, $88,222

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