In this arti­cle, we will not talk about virus­es, but about bac­te­ria, but about the small­est ani­mals that live on our plan­et.

Life­Globe has already writ­ten about the largest ani­mals in the world, now it’s the turn of their small­est friends.

Chi­huahua named Boo Boo is the small­est dog in the world. She is only 10 cen­time­ters tall.

Boo Boo and Giant George

And this is a Chi­huahua named Utya, his height is 12.4 cm. This kid was a record hold­er of his kind before the advent of Boo Boo.

Puey is the world’s small­est ham­ster, only 2.5 cen­time­ters long. He lives in the UK.

The small­est chameleon lives in Mada­gas­car. Its length is 1.6 cm (this is with­out a tail).

Hip­pocam­pus denise — this is the name of the small­est sea­hors­es. In 2006, a 13 mm rep­re­sen­ta­tive was dis­cov­ered. These babies live in the Pacif­ic Ocean.

These sea­hors­es can­not resist the gusts of the water cur­rent, so their whole life is spent on corals, to which they are tied with their tail.

The small­est starfish was found off the west­ern coast of the Eyre Penin­su­la. The sprock­et diam­e­ter was less than 9 mil­lime­ters.

The small­est bird is the male bee hum­ming­bird. These birds live in Cuba. The length of the male is 5.7 cm, weight 1.6 g.

Mr Pib­bles is the small­est cat in the world. He has lived in Illi­nois for 4 years. The ani­mal weighs 1 kilo­gram 350 grams, is 49 cm long from the tip of the tail to the nose, and its height is 15.5 cm.

The title of the small­est horse in the world can­not be divid­ed between Tum­be­lin and the dwarf foal Ein­stein.

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Ein­stein will most like­ly win. In 2011, his height was only 35 cm, and he weighed 2.7 kg. He was born in April 2010, so he needs to wait a cou­ple more years to enter the Guin­ness Book of Records.

The small­est tur­tle in the world is the Penn­syl­va­nia tur­tle. It grows a max­i­mum of 10–12 cm in length. The tur­tle lives in the east­ern part of Amer­i­ca.