Utter Inn in Swe­den is the small­est and most roman­tic hotel in the world. This small hotel floats in the mid­dle of Lake Malaren, near the Swedish city of Västerås. This is a tiny red hut with two anchors weigh­ing about 12 kilo­grams each hold­ing the plat­form. The house is sur­round­ed by a com­fort­able veran­da, which allows guests to enjoy the view in com­plete relax­ation.

small hotel Utter Inn

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The Utter Inn was built by sculp­tor Mikael Gen­berg, who designed the struc­ture as part of a tril­o­gy called “Alter­na­tive Liv­ing Spaces”. Utter INn has only two rooms: one is locat­ed on the sur­face of the struc­ture and the oth­er is locat­ed 3 meters below the sur­face of the lake! In the list of the most amaz­ing hotels under water Utter Inn right­ful­ly takes its place.

On the floor above the water lev­el there is a bath­room and kitchen, and in the room under water, which can be reached by stairs, there is a bed area and a win­dow with a panoram­ic view of the seabed. The hotel only accom­mo­dates one cou­ple of guests who have access to a small boat. With its help, you can move around and vis­it the near­by islands.

This small and charm­ing cot­tage is locat­ed an hour and a half from Stock­holm and about a kilo­me­ter from the coast of Västerås, which can be reached by boat from the port of Östra Ham­nen. The hotel is open from April to Octo­ber dur­ing the warmer months. I advise you to also explore the selec­tion of the strangest hotels, where Utter Inn is also present.

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