The Stat­ue of Uni­ty, locat­ed at Keva­dia in the Indi­an state of Gujarat, stands at 182 meters and is known as the tallest stat­ue in the world. It was built in hon­or of Sar­dar Val­lab­h­bein Patel, the states­man who suc­ceed­ed in estab­lish­ing the Indi­an Union after 1947. This union brought inde­pen­dence to more than 500 states that were once under the con­trol of the British Empire.

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Unveiled on 31 Octo­ber 2018 by Indi­an Prime Min­is­ter Naren­dra Modi and designed by emi­nent sculp­tor Ram V. Sutar, this colos­sal stat­ue was built in just 33 months using 24,500 tons of steel, 1,700 tons of bronze and 70,000 tons of cement. This mam­moth work has caused con­tro­ver­sy among cit­i­zens due to its exag­ger­at­ed cost of over 29.8 bil­lion rupees, or over $400 mil­lion.

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At the foot of the Stat­ue of Uni­ty is a muse­um ded­i­cat­ed to Patel’s life. Fur­ther, at an alti­tude of 135 meters, there is a gallery over­look­ing the stun­ning scenery of the Nar­ma­da Riv­er. The stat­ue has become known as a sym­bol of the coun­try’s tech­ni­cal and engi­neer­ing skills, send­ing a mes­sage to young Indi­ans to remind them that the coun­try’s future is des­tined to be even greater.

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The 182-meter-tall Stat­ue of Uni­ty broke the record of the “Leshan Great Bud­dha” in Chi­na, which is 128 meters high. This is twice the size of the Stat­ue of Lib­er­ty in New York and 5 times the height of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. How­ev­er, the stat­ue’s record is not des­tined to last long, as the con­struc­tion of a memo­r­i­al to Chha­tra­p­ati Shiv­a­ji Maharaj in hon­or of the famous war­rior of the Maratha Empire has already been announced. This new stat­ue will be inau­gu­rat­ed in 2022 in India, on an island near Mum­bai, and its height will exceed 210 meters!

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