No mat­ter how often you trav­el, one thing always stays the same: the air­port is far from the most pleas­ant place. Trav­el­ing between con­ti­nents some­times takes a whole day, if not two, and it is extreme­ly rare to find an air­port where you will be com­fort­able. Sur­pris­ing­ly, there are still air­ports where things are dif­fer­ent. There are not many of them, but dur­ing your trip you can make a route so that you end up in one of them when you trans­fer. I present to your atten­tion the top 10 most com­fort­able air­ports in the world.

the most comfortable airports

Haneda airport

This inter­na­tion­al air­port is locat­ed in the heart of Japan. Tokyo is an extreme­ly live­ly city with many attrac­tions, and acquain­tance with them first of all begins from the air­port. Arriv­ing from dis­tant coun­tries, tourists imme­di­ate­ly find them­selves in the spa­cious and bright cor­ri­dors of Gane­da Air­port. The spe­cial design of the roof allows sun­light to pen­e­trate freely, which has a very ben­e­fi­cial effect on the over­all atmos­phere in this com­fort­able air­port.

Princess Juliana Airport

This is the main hub for any­one trav­el­ing to Saint Mar­tin Island in the Bahamas. The stun­ning Princess Juliana Air­port build­ing is locat­ed right at the sea’s edge, giv­ing tourists access to a trop­i­cal par­adise right at the gate. The air­field was built by the US mil­i­tary dur­ing the Sec­ond World War, but lat­er it was sig­nif­i­cant­ly mod­ern­ized and became one of the most com­fort­able air­ports in the world.

Dubai International Airport

In addi­tion to being one of the busiest air­ports in the world, Dubai Inter­na­tion­al Air­port is also con­sid­ered the most com­fort­able for the trav­el­er. In 2017, 80 mil­lion pas­sen­gers passed through it, and the capac­i­ty of one of the ter­mi­nals is 65 mil­lion peo­ple a year. The third air­port ter­mi­nal was built in 2008 at a cost of US$65 bil­lion. Over the fol­low­ing years, it was mod­ern­ized sev­er­al times. A sec­tion of the air­port is part­ly under­ground, but the archi­tects have found a way to let some nat­ur­al sun­light in.

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dubai airport

Vancouver airport

If you’re fly­ing to Cana­da and you’re about to land at Van­cou­ver Air­port, don’t treat it like a reg­u­lar flight. While many pas­sen­gers are try­ing to just get from point A to point B, this Cana­di­an air­port can be called an island of calm in the north­ern oasis. Guests of Van­cou­ver will be sur­prised by the huge aquar­i­um and col­or­ful stat­ues through­out the air­port. It was rec­og­nized as one of the most com­fort­able air­ports in the world with a capac­i­ty of more than 10 mil­lion pas­sen­gers per year.

Vancouver airport

Kansai airport

This air­port is locat­ed on the arti­fi­cial island of Osa­ka Bay. This is the third busiest air­port in Japan, but thanks to its advanced design, trav­el­ing here is extreme­ly easy and com­fort­able. The inte­ri­or is dec­o­rat­ed in sooth­ing col­ors, includ­ing blue and white, so that tired and ner­vous trav­el­ers can relax a bit. Much of the inte­ri­or is made up of large win­dows, allow­ing pas­sen­gers to view the island with­out hav­ing to go out­side. The air­port staff is extreme­ly friend­ly and the drinks and food are of very high qual­i­ty.

Wellington Airport

This air­port is locat­ed in the cap­i­tal of New Zealand and is the third busiest in the coun­try, with trans­fers to many air­ports in Aus­tralia. The air­port on this site appeared in 1929, but it has become such a com­fort­able place only recent­ly. The new design was pro­posed in 2008 and imple­ment­ed in 2013, mak­ing Welling­ton Air­port one of the most com­fort­able air­ports in the world.

the most comfortable airports

Denver airport

This is one of the largest air­ports in the world, cov­er­ing an area of ​​33.5 thou­sand acres and has been con­tin­u­ous­ly oper­at­ing since 1995. It also includes a hotel and pub­lic trans­port tran­sit sta­tion built in 2011. The archi­tec­tur­al design includes a mod­ern façade that can be eas­i­ly seen when board­ing both day and night. Despite the colos­sal pas­sen­ger traf­fic, this is a very com­fort­able and con­ve­nient air­port.

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Changi Airport, Singapore

Chan­gi Air­port in Sin­ga­pore is one of the few air­ports in the world that has incor­po­rat­ed the nat­ur­al aspects of its coun­try direct­ly into the build­ing. Since 2013, Chan­gi has been reg­u­lar­ly includ­ed in the lists of the most com­fort­able air­ports in the world. In addi­tion to the delight­ful inte­ri­or, the air­port is also renowned for its excep­tion­al lev­el of secu­ri­ty, pas­sen­ger ser­vice and bag­gage han­dling. It is also one of the most beau­ti­ful air­ports in the world, which you can read about in a sep­a­rate Life­Globe feed.

the most comfortable airports

Munich Airport

If you fly to Munich dur­ing the Christ­mas hol­i­days, you will find your­self in a real win­ter won­der­land. By tra­di­tion, the air­port hosts an annu­al win­ter fair where you can taste Bavar­i­an del­i­ca­cies and buy sou­venirs, and there are about 400 Christ­mas trees through­out the ter­ri­to­ry. A giant ice skat­ing rink, musi­cal per­for­mances and oth­er enter­tain­ment awaits guests of Munich, so you will not be bored dur­ing a long trans­fer. Dur­ing the rest of the year, Munich Air­port is also com­fort­able, with orig­i­nal ter­mi­nals, exem­plary order and good orga­ni­za­tion.

munich airport

Menara Airport, Marrakech

The struc­ture of the build­ing at this air­port allows sun­light to enter, cre­at­ing a unique light show. The sun’s rays pass inward in such a way as to cre­ate pro­jec­tions of paint­ings direct­ly on the walls of the ter­mi­nal. These clas­sic geo­met­ric pat­terns pay homage to tra­di­tion­al Moroc­can cul­ture. Since Mar­rakech is a pop­u­lar tourist des­ti­na­tion, the King of Moroc­co ordered the con­struc­tion of a new air­port in 2016 so that vis­i­tors can start explor­ing the coun­try as soon as they arrive. Menara has been named the most com­fort­able air­port in the world by many author­i­ta­tive pub­li­ca­tions.

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