In this pow­er­ful and touch­ing series, pho­tog­ra­ph­er Isa Leshko showed us the life of elder­ly ani­mals in an attrac­tive, beau­ti­ful light. Below is a small gallery of black and white pho­tographs along with short com­men­tary. Let’s start with a stal­lion nick­named Sol­id, whose age is 33 years old:

elderly animals

Next on our list of ani­mal por­traits is an old roost­er whose age is unknown:

elderly animal portraits

14 year old dog named Red:

Phyl­lis, 13 years old:

Mon­key Capuchin, age over 30 years:

Pig Vio­let­ta, age 12:

Kiri the dog, age 17:

28-year-old Emb­den goose:

Mari­no, 5 years old:

19 year old dog Blue:

Pump­kin, 28:

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