We have already talked about the many bub­ble hotels with amaz­ing views, but recent­ly a new mir­a­cle has appeared in Thai­land. Trans­par­ent bub­bles have been installed at Anan­tara Gold­en Tri­an­gle Ele­phant Camp & Resort, where resort vis­i­tors can fall asleep among jun­gle wildlife, includ­ing ele­phants. Trans­par­ent inflat­able shel­ters look quite com­fort­able and include a bath­room and air con­di­tion­ing.

bubbles in the jungle

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The cab­ins called “Jun­gle Bub­bles” were designed by Eye in the Sky. They are made of poly­ester fab­ric and have a total liv­ing area of ​​22 sq. meters.

bubbles and elephants

Set on an ele­vat­ed plat­form with a tun­nel entrance, each trans­par­ent sec­tion of Jun­gle Bub­bles con­tains a com­bined bed­room and liv­ing area with a king-size bed and mul­ti­ple seat­ing areas. There are no cur­tains here, but the bath­rooms are locat­ed in an adja­cent opaque sec­tion, so you don’t have to be an exhi­bi­tion­ist to take a show­er.

Jun­gle Bub­bles is locat­ed on a 65-hectare hill­side at the Anan­tara Gold­en Tri­an­gle Resort, which over­looks the Mekong and Ruak Rivers in north­ern Thai­land. Ele­phants live in a camp that is con­nect­ed to the resort.

elephants in thailand

The resort camp is world famous for its ele­phant camp. In col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Asian Ele­phant Pro­tec­tion Foun­da­tion (GTAEF), a com­plex was cre­at­ed where ani­mals in dis­tress, vic­tims of cru­el treat­ment, or nat­ur­al dis­as­ters are res­cued. To date, more than 60 ele­phants have been res­cued from Thai­land’s city streets, of which 22 cur­rent­ly live in the jun­gle camp at Anan­tara.

hotel among elephants
If you want to spend the night in the Jun­gle Bub­ble, rates start at 17,700 baht (approx­i­mate­ly $580) per night, which is well above the cost of stan­dard resort rooms. A week’s stay at the resort in a reg­u­lar room costs about $1,200, depend­ing on the length of stay, time of vis­it, etc.

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