Sculp­tures are most often cre­at­ed as a sym­bol of some­thing extra­or­di­nary, mark­ing spe­cial events in his­to­ry. Many mon­u­ments do not car­ry any hid­den mean­ings and can be eas­i­ly inter­pret­ed, and some sculp­tures can be quite strange and mys­te­ri­ous. In a spe­cial row, it is worth high­light­ing the giant sculp­tures, for the cre­ation of which sig­nif­i­cant forces and funds were thrown. This is a kind of way to announce some­thing to the whole world, which is very effec­tive. I present to your atten­tion a list of the 10 most amaz­ing giant sculp­tures around the world.

unusual sculptures

London swimmer

Stand­ing 3 meters high and near­ly 15 meters long, this sculp­ture depicts a swim­mer swim­ming across the grass on the south bank of the Thames, between Tow­er Bridge and City Hall. The unusu­al sculp­ture was com­mis­sioned by the Lon­don real­i­ty show Ink.

Spider Louise Bourgeois

Louise Bour­geois’s 10-meter spi­der is made of bronze, stain­less steel and mar­ble. It is locat­ed near the Tate Mod­ern in Lon­don. This is one of six sculp­tures cre­at­ed by Louise Bour­geois for her 95th birth­day.

buddha moniva

This reclin­ing Bud­dha of Bur­ma (Myan­mar) is a com­mon theme in Bud­dhist art depict­ing his death and entry into nir­vana. The reclin­ing Bud­dha of Moni­wa is hol­low inside. Any­one can go inside the 300 meters long sculp­ture and admire the 9,000 small images of the Bud­dha and his dis­ci­ples. This unusu­al cre­ation was cre­at­ed in 1991.

Crane hanging in the air

Cre­at­ed in the Span­ish Cadiz, the “Mag­ic Crane” seemed to hang in the air, but at the same time water con­stant­ly flows from it. In fact, a trans­par­ent glass pipe is hid­den in the stream of water, on which the entire struc­ture rests.

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Giant silver dog

Mount­ed out­side a Den­ver ani­mal shel­ter, a 7‑me­ter-tall dog glis­tens under Col­orado sun­light. Cre­at­ed by Lau­ra Had­dad and Tom Dra­gan for the city of Den­ver, the mon­u­ment con­sists of a steel skele­ton adorned with over 90,000 shiny dog ​​tags that shim­mer and chime in the wind. This friend­ly pup wel­comes vis­i­tors to the ani­mal shel­ter as well as curi­ous tourists pass­ing through High­way 25. In the evenings, the sil­ver dog lights up with sparkling LEDs, giv­ing man’s best friend a very col­or­ful look.

Saw Monster, Tokyo

One of the most spec­tac­u­lar sculp­tures in the world, the 15.4‑meter-high saw-mon­ster is locat­ed in Tokyo. A red-han­dled hand saw sticks out of the ground in front of the main lob­by of the Tokyo Inter­na­tion­al Exhi­bi­tion Cen­ter. Cre­at­ed by sculp­tors Claes Old­en­burg and Kuse Van Bruggen, the saw attracts art lovers, curi­ous onlook­ers and tourists with a sense of humor.

Dreaming Girl in England

Halfway between Liv­er­pool and Man­ches­ter is a 20-meter sculp­ture of a girl, tow­er­ing over the busy M62 high­way. There was a dreamy look of deep seren­i­ty in her eyes. Based on the site of the for­mer Sut­ton Estate Col­liery, Jaume Plen­sa’s art­work sym­bol­izes a future of lim­it­less pos­si­bil­i­ties.

Marilyn Forever, California

Mar­i­lyn For­ev­er is a giant stat­ue of Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe, cre­at­ed by sculp­tor Seward John­son. The stat­ue is the epit­o­me of one of Mon­roe’s most famous roles in the 1955 film The Sev­en Year Itch. Unveiled to the pub­lic in July 2011, the stat­ue is cur­rent­ly installed in Palm Springs, Cal­i­for­nia, hav­ing been relo­cat­ed here from Chica­go.

Statue “Bather”

The Bather is a giant sculp­ture by artist Oliv­er Voss in Ham­burg, Ger­many. It was locat­ed on the Bin­nenal­ster lake, where it appeared on August 3, 2011. The foam and steel sculp­ture reach­es 4 meters in height and 33 meters in length. Being a tem­po­rary struc­ture, the sculp­ture was dis­played for only 10 days, after which it was dis­man­tled.

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Bridge Spoon and Cherry

Spoon Bridge and Cher­ry (Spoon­bridge and Cher­ry) (1985–1988) is the work of Claes Old­en­burg and his wife Kuse Van Bruggen. This unusu­al cre­ation was cre­at­ed in a New Eng­land ship­yard, giv­en the size and com­plex­i­ty of the design. The spoon weighs 2,600 kilo­grams, while the cher­ry weighs 550. “Cher­ry and Spoon” is one of the most icon­ic works of Min­neso­ta cul­ture in the Min­neapo­lis Sculp­ture Gar­den.

Sculpture Dolls in India

One of the most amaz­ing giant sculp­tures in India is a giant doll on the beach, which is very unchar­ac­ter­is­tic of the cul­ture of this coun­try. Tourists enjoy pos­ing with a huge doll sculp­ture on Visakha­paat­nam beach. A con­tin­u­a­tion of the theme awaits you with a selec­tion of orig­i­nal sculp­tures and mon­u­ments.