Air trav­el in the past was com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent from today. Absolute­ly every­one could trav­el first class, with­out hav­ing to fight their way through large crowds and long lines. But what did it real­ly look like? For­tu­nate­ly, there is no need to describe this expe­ri­ence in words. We have select­ed some vin­tage pho­tographs that reveal the charm of air trav­el in the past.

air travel in the past

In 1958, the rules for arrang­ing the pas­sen­ger cab­in of air trans­port were estab­lished. Among the fea­tures were opaque win­dow shades, fold­ing arm­rests and can­tilevered seats to improve pas­sen­ger com­fort. There was enough space under the chair to accom­mo­date hand lug­gage.


The air­craft fea­tured a wide cab­in and plen­ty of legroom. The aisle also looked wide enough for both flight atten­dants and pas­sen­gers to move around.

convenient passage

Food and drinks were served like in a restau­rant. It was hard to believe that you are many kilo­me­ters from the earth.

food and drink

Today’s flights can be uncom­fort­able and stress­ful. But all fears would instant­ly dis­ap­pear if your stew­ardess looked like these beau­ti­ful ladies.

flight attendants

Fly­ing was fun and inter­est­ing. Guests could relax in the piano bar, talk about good food, good friends, good music and have a good laugh.

piano bar

Anoth­er way to unwind dur­ing the flight is to have a few drinks, or catch up on the lat­est news on the big com­fy sofas.

bar on the plane

Look­ing at these pho­tos today, it’s hard to believe you’re inside an air­plane. You might think that you are sit­ting in a bar on a Fri­day night, enjoy­ing cham­pagne and cock­tails.

piano on board

Atten­tion to detail was the main fea­ture that air­lines pro­vid­ed to their cus­tomers. The lounges on the planes were chic and styl­ish.

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flight in the past

Vis­i­tors could use such a room to fresh­en up and pre­pare for the grand land­ing.
Gourmet cui­sine was not lim­it­ed to the land. Even flights pro­vid­ed excel­lent ser­vice in the best restau­rants.


Ladies can touch up their make­up a lit­tle or comb their hair after a long flight.


The plane was a place favor­able for social­iza­tion. The atmos­phere was light and joy­ful.

Pre­vi­ous­ly, smok­ing on an air­plane was not as strict­ly pro­hib­it­ed as it is now.

in airplane

Trav­el­ing in the past did not require sac­ri­fic­ing com­fort for many hours. Air trav­el was a time to relax, enjoy food and drink, and meet new acquain­tances in the spa­cious cab­in of the air­craft. The air­craft were stocked with com­fort­able and lux­u­ri­ous ameni­ties includ­ing piano bars, pubs, lounges, com­fort­able rooms and restau­rants.

air travel in the past

Sleep­ing on a flight in the gold­en age of air trav­el did­n’t wake you up with tense neck and shoul­der mus­cles and leg cramps. Air­lines such as Impe­r­i­al Air­ways and Boe­ing had com­fort­able sleep­ing quar­ters for vis­i­tors. And they cer­tain­ly spoiled their pas­sen­gers like kings and queens.

sleep on board

As for the price, you had to pay more for such a flight. But it was a fair price to pay for near-per­fect ser­vice with uni­formed stew­ards and stew­ardess­es, lux­u­ri­ous cab­ins with plen­ty of room for com­fort and move­ment, and deli­cious food and drinks served in style. Today, the flight econ­o­my promis­es all pas­sen­gers only pro­longed suf­fer­ing. To get such a ser­vice, you need to fly first class, which is still sig­nif­i­cant­ly infe­ri­or in com­fort to what it was before. In those days, air trav­el was indeed the most con­ve­nient way to quick­ly get to your des­ti­na­tion.

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vintage stewardess